The Image Consultant Training Academy

Established 1984


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Numbers will be limited to 6 participants per training workshop to ensure one on one interaction. Participants will receive a comprehensive training material, covering the following modules:


Duration: 6 days


Module 1:


The history of Colour and the ‘Image Industry’:

  • Colour background
  • The concepts of Colour Analysis
  • Comparative draping (cool and warm)
  • The seasonal concept – Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring
  • The 'flow Seasons"


The Module includes:


  • File & Notes
  • Full set of comparative drapes
  • Full set of colour swatches
  • Notes and diagrams
  • Carry bag


Module 2:


  • Personality Dress: The Classic, Romantic, Natural, Dramatic, Euro and African Chic
  • The 'Four Generations' including the history of fashion in the last Millennium and the 'Boomers' vs. the 'Dot Comers'
  • Body line and style analysis


Practical applications:


  • Students work on models
  • Students to bring along a fashion magazine


The module includes:


  • All notes
  • Tape measure
  • Style book
  • CD of practical information
  • Laminated posters


Module 3:


  • Face shapes
  • Rules for correct eyewear
  • The history of hair colour
  • Hair types and styles
  • Make-up training


The module includes:


  • All notes
  • Professional make-up and brush set
  • Make-up wedges & Puff
  • Make up Bag and bib
  • Full Professional Kryolin Make up Kit


Module 4:


  • Practical applications of Colour Coding and Make-up
  • Students work on models


The module includes:


  • Colour Charts
  • Client information hand outs


Module 5:


  • Wardrobe planning
  • The home visit vs the office consultation
  • The travel wardrobe, airport culture and packing
  • Shopping guidelines


Practical applications:


  • Packing a suitcase – students to bring along a suitcase and some clothing


The module includes:


  • All notes
  • Personal shopping guides


Module 6:


  • 8 hour dressing (how to go from work to a cocktail party in the same outfit)
  • The effective use of accessories
  • More practical implications on colour coding


Practical applications:


  • Folding and the use of scarves and different applications
  • Shoes and handbag choices
  • Accessories – beads, pearls, earrings etc


The module includes:


  • All notes and diagrams


Module 7:


  • Personal development
  • Corporate culture / business dress
  • Body Language


Practical applications:


  • Students will conduct a 'make-over' on each other
  • Personality profile (personal)


The module includes:


  • All diagrams and notes
  • Before and after photo


Module 8:


  • Communication skills including voice modulation
  • Business English
  • Presentation skills – introduction
  • Presenting Yourself!
  • Client care and electronic communication


Practical applications:


  • Preparing your '30 second commercial'
  • Telephone and cell phone etiquette


The module includes:


  • All notes CD


Module 9:


  • Practical implementations of all the material covered on the course


Practical applications:


  • Each student to conduct image / applications on a model
  • Student evaluation
  • Open discussions and evaluations


The module includes:


  • Workbook and colour swatches


Module 10:


  • Graduation Day!
  • Etiquette and table manners – from buffet to banquet
  • Your business plan and business opportunities
  • Starting up your own business
  • Your brand name and mission statement
  • Colourworks International affiliation and franchising opportunity
  • Application for membership to APICSA (Association of Professional Image Consultants of South Africa)
  • Evaluation


Practical applications:


  • Sit down formal meal


The module includes:


  • Graduation and handing over of certificates to the newly qualified Image Consultants.
  • Click here to download the complete outline of the course


Click here to download the complete outline of the course


Download Enrolment form


Anne Dreyer

Founder Colourworks International, Brand Ambassador

Anne is internationally respected in the image industry for her years of experience, her vast knowledge, expertise in the Image industry.


Ange Phoenix


As wives and mothers we have an exceptional passion for restoring and uplifting woman in our community. Changing people’s lives – one make over at a time. We absolutely love what we do!


Vivienne Venter


I love what I do and the fact that God uses me and my passion in the industry to impact the lives of moms around the world”


Joshua Luke


Luke has vast experience in the field of IMAGE -from Association Of Professional Image Consultants of South Africa (APICSA) & precious experiences that he had personally gone through.

A Life without love is like a year without summer.

~ Swedish Proverb