The Image Consultant Training Academy

Established 1984


Men can do it too

"Women and men communicate differently – learn how to efficiently deal with your male client"

  • Men’s Colour Coding /   Men’s Face Shapes
  • Men’s Hair care and Styling / Men’s Grooming
  • Men’s Body Line and Style / Men’s Accessories including glasses.
  • Men’s Wardrobe and Style / Men’s Personality Dress
  • Men’s Travel Wardrobe & Packing
  • Personal Development


Fashion Styling For Men


In Fashion Styling For Men, you'll learn—how to style for your male clients. First, you'll learn how to identify and dress the different male body types.  You'll learn each body type's key features, strongest and weakest features.  Next, you'll learn how to work with each body type in greater depth, as well as how to adapt outfits to suit short and tall men. You will learn to assess the fashion personalities and how to accessories your make client.

Topics Covered:

A necessity, into day’s corporate world.  Men don’t have the time and don’t know – it is up to you to teach them !


You'll be ready to work with any male client, make him feel comfortable, and remain confident in your styling direction.


Become certified as a qualified Men’s Image and Style Consultant

Course Details:


R 6 950.00 (all incl.)



2 Day Course

1 Nights Accommodation included!