The Image Consultant Training Academy

Established 1984


"Empowering Individuals to Live with greater Prosperity, Passion and Productivity"


At Colourworks, we believe that each person has the ability to reach the pinnacle of their full potential at work and in their personal lives through empowering themselves with the knowledge to obtain personal wealth!


Colourworks International provides individuals with the necessary skills to obtain authenticity, credibility and self-confidence; and trains and empowers aspirant Image Consultants  to become professional, independent and successful in the image industry.


Image is a powerful form of communication, sending out messages about the kind of person you are. You can harness this powerful tool and ensure that the messages people receive are the ones you want!


Through my training courses, I hope to help you develop your own personal style and make a powerful statement through the image you project.


All the best,


Anne Dreyer & Team


Image Consulting is the fastest growing industry in the world today, and we will be so honoured to empower you! Our  ImageConsultant Certification has been designed to train and equip the learner with skills that will enable them to consult with excellence, in all aspects relating to personal image as well as verbal and non-verbal communication skills - both for the individual as well as corporate world. Our Courses are fun, informative and Internationally recognized




APICSA = Association for Professional Image Consultants South Africa

AICI = Association for Image Consultants International

Attend a 1 to 6 day comprehensive International Certification.

Our Training Objectives & Outcomes




  • To train and equip the learner with skills that will enable him to consult with excellence, in all aspects relating to personal image as well as verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • To train individuals on a personal as well as corporate level.
  • For participants to become qualified Colour and Image Consultants, certified by Colourworks International and to enable the consultant to work in related fields independently.




  • To be able to apply the skills of colour coding, make-up and eyebrow shaping.
  • To be able to determine the client's correct face shape and to advise on the most suitable hairstyle and eyewear.
  • To be able to conduct a body analysis and develop a suitable personality dress and style for the client.
  • To become a personal shopper and wardrobe planner.
  • To gain a general knowledge of the history of the fashion industry, new trends and corporate culture.
  • To understand and communicate voice modulation, body language as well as social and business etiquette.
  • To develop and hone business and communication skills.
  • To expand and develop personal and business skills to seek and secure employment in related image consultancies, or to become self-employed.


Anne Dreyer

Founder Colourworks International, Brand Ambassador

Anne is internationally respected in the image industry for her years of experience, her vast knowledge, expertise in the Image industry.


Ange Phoenix


As wives and mothers we have an exceptional passion for restoring and uplifting woman in our community. Changing people’s lives – one make over at a time. We absolutely love what we do!


Vivienne Venter


I love what I do and the fact that God uses me and my passion in the industry to impact the lives of moms around the world”


Joshua Luke


Luke has vast experience in the field of IMAGE -from Association Of Professional Image Consultants of South Africa (APICSA) & precious experiences that he had personally gone through.

A Life without love is like a year without summer.

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